The Insurance Companies' Top 10 Dirty Tricks

Insurance Company Dirty Trick #1:  "You don't need a lawyer!"

"Lawyers? Who needs lawyers? We can settle this thing between ourselves."

Your claims adjuster and insurance agent may well be very friendly, personable individuals. But never, ever forget: They are not your friends. They work for the insurance company's best interests, not for yours.

Don't be fooled. The insurance company already has an army of lawyers on their payroll. And their duty, along with the adjusters, is to see that you get as little as possible for your claim. Or better yet, nothing at all.

If you're ever told that you don't need a lawyer of your own, don't fall for it. You need someone on your side who's fighting for your best interests. And to get you the maximum compensation possible, you need The Destroyer Lawyer on your side.

Insurance Company Dirty Trick #2: Spying on you.

Spying on you.

Yes, spying. Yes, you.

They can park on the street and videotape you doing your normal daily routine: playing with your kids, walking the dog, taking out the trash, taking in the mail, mowing the lawn, watching who comes and goes, all the while taking careful notes. They can follow you throughout your day, as you go to the mall, the supermarket, the office, even to church. They've even been known to comb through people's garbage in their search for "evidence."

The low-rent gumshoes that insurance companies typically hire do this for one reason, and one reason only: To catch you doing something, however small, that "proves" that you're lying or faking your injuries so they can get out of paying your claim.

Don't let them get away with spying on you. Get The Destroyer Lawyer on your side. We'll destroy their arguments. And fight to get you the maximum cash settlement.

Insurance Company Dirty Trick #3: The stalling tactic.

Stall, stall, stall. And then stall some more.

There's even an insurance industry term for this tactic: "Delay, Deny, Dispute." The Three Ds.

This tactic is a time-honored favorite for three reasons. First, they're hoping that they'll wear you down, making you so frustrated (or desperate for money) that you'll agree to whatever pittance they offer just to be over with it.

Second, each state has a statute of limitations for filing personal injury claims. So they delay things until you've missed the deadline. "Oh dear." "That's unfortunate."

Third, even if they can't get all the way to the statute of limitations, time can weaken your case. Video footage gets erased or overwritten. Witnesses forget what they saw. Physical evidence is washed away by weather.

This is why you need someone on your side who's fighting for your best interests. Someone who will speed up the process, not slow it down. Because you need to be compensated as soon as possible. And as much as possible.

You need The Destroyer Lawyer on your side.

Insurance Company Dirty Trick #4: Sneaky paperwork tricks.

Sneakily inserting dirty little clauses into what seems like routine paperwork. Clauses that work against you.

One example is a clause that allows them to evaluate decades of your medical records (when you think you're granting them access to your doctor's post-accident evaluation) in an attempt to pin your injuries on a pre-existing medical condition or an earlier injury.

Claims adjusters can be tricky SOBs. And in our experience, they often are.

This is why you need someone on your side who knows how to counter all of those paperwork tricks. You need The Destroyer Lawyer on your side.

Insurance Company Dirty Trick #5: Searching your social media.

Ah, Facebook.

Most people don't give a second thought about posting the most intimate details of their lives on there for all to see. And insurance adjusters and lawyers know this.

That's why they scour social media. They aren't looking for new friends. They're trying to catch you in something. They're searching for "evidence" that you weren't actually injured.

So set your social media privacy settings to maximum. Be very wary about accepting friend requests from anyone you don't know in real life. (Good advice in any case!) And whatever you do, don't talk about the great tennis game you played last weekend or how much you love running in the park with your dog or how you lifted the engine block out of your truck so you could work on it.

When the insurance companies go that far to build their case against you, you need your own advocate to tear it down. You need The Destroyer Lawyer on your side.

Insurance Company Dirty Trick #6: The loaded question.

"If the road hadn't been icy, do you think you could have stopped at the intersection?"

Probably the best reason not to talk directly to an insurance adjuster. The loaded question. They have a list of them. They know exactly what to ask, to trick you out of paying you what you're entitled to.

They have the questions. WE have the answers. Talk to your Destroyer Lawyer, today.

Insurance Company Dirty Trick #7: Void the policy, void the claim.

No policy, no claim. No claim, no problem. Right? At least that's the way the insurance company looks at it.

You pay for something for years, then when you go to actually use it, guess what? You don't actually have it anymore. Sounds unethical, doesn't it? Unscrupulous, even. But for those guys, it's just another day at the office.

Fact is, they've become absolute masters at voiding a policy once a claim is filed on it. One preferred way is to sift through your application looking for any errors or inconsistencies, and once they find one, however small, claim that you obtained coverage fraudulently.

Some companies even give their employees bonuses, raises, and other incentives based on the number of claims they're able to disprove. Most won't admit to this practice, but it happens.

This is why you need someone on your side who's fighting for your best interests. You need The Destroyer Lawyer on your side.

Insurance Company Dirty Trick #8: The pressure game.

No one likes to feel pressured into doing something. Especially when the person or company applying the pressure has real power over them.

For example, some insurance companies have made a practice of pressuring claimants into filing for Social Security Disability Benefits. If the individual filing the claim failed to do so, or do so in a timely manner, this became leverage to reduce or deny their payout.

And if they did successfully file for SSD, the amount of those payments would be automatically deducted from their payout. Heads they win, tails you lose.

Their adjusters and attorneys know how to play the pressure game because they've handled thousands of claims. The way to fight back is to get experience on your side. You need The Destroyer Lawyer on your side.

Insurance Company Dirty Trick #9: 'Till death do we part (With our money, that is.)

Delaying paying off a claim until someone simply gives up out of sheer frustration is despicable enough. But many insurance companies don't stop there.

In cases where the claimant is elderly or in frail health, they attempt to literally wait until that person dies. There have been cases where insurance companies deliberately "lose" paperwork or even lock it away in a safe to avoid paying.

It's absolutely disgusting, but that's how far the insurance companies will go for their bottom line. That's why you need The Destroyer Lawyer on your side.

Insurance Company Dirty Trick #10: The old shell game.

If you've ever tried to read an insurance policy (and not many have, save for a few chronic insomniacs), you've seen some of the most confusing, convoluted language on the planet. That's no accident.

Bottom line is, you can pay your premiums faithfully for years, only to discover that your policy didn't actually cover what you thought it covered once you file a claim.

We know how to review an insurance policy and beat the insurance companies at their own game. You need The Destroyer Lawyer on your side.

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